1. The relation is in 1NF.
  2. Every non-key attribute of the relation is fully functionally dependent on the whole of every candidate key. In other words, there should be no partial dependencies
  • non-key attribute: not part of candidate key
  • partial dependencies: non-key attribute only depend on a part of a candidate key rather than the entire key

To check is a relation is 2NF, check every non-prime attribute and see if it depend on part of the candidate key


1         C1          1000
2         C2          1500
1         C4          2000
4         C3          1000
4         C1          1000
2         C5          2000

This table is in 1NF because it has no repeating groups or nested relations. However, the COURSE_FEE attribute is dependent on the COURSE_NO attribute, which is only a part of the primary key (STUD_NO, COURSE_NO). This violates the 2NF condition.
To get a 2NF: eliminate the partial dependencies

Table 1: Student_Course
1         C1
2         C2
1         C4
4         C3
4         C1
2         C5
Table 2: Course_Fee
C1          1000
C2          1500
C4          2000
C3          1000
C5          2000