Basic Css

Anything in CSS between /* and */ is a CSS comment
Add between head include

<link href="styles/style.css" rel="stylesheet">

CSS layout is mostly based on the box model. Each box taking up space on your page has properties like:

  • padding, the space around the content. In the example below, it is the space around the paragraph text.
  • border, the solid line that is just outside the padding.
  • margin, the space around the outside of the border.

three boxes sat inside one another. From outside to in they are labelled margin, border and padding

The <body> is a block element, meaning it takes up space on the page. The margin applied to a block element will be respected by other elements on the page. In contrast, images are inline elements, for the auto margin trick to work on this image, we must give it block-level behavior using display: block;.


!important: to override the original css