Mods Config


  • x+c


  • explosion
  • fastBlockPlacement p (Unbound keybinding first)
  • freeCamera c
  • fakeSneaking ,
  • fastLeftClick [


  • blockBreakingParticals



  • M+C

  • M+G

  • So to summarize the requirements, to paste a schematic:

    • Switch to Creative mode
    • Switch to the Paste schematic in world “tool mode”
      • Either use the button in the bottom left of the Litematica main menu, or hold Ctrl and scroll while holding the enabled tool item
    • You must be able to see the tool HUD on the bottom left, otherwise either the tool functionality or the main rendering is disabled, or you are holding the wrong item
    • Make sure the correct placement is selected (light cyan placement outline color in-world and the name is shown on the tool HUD)
    • Use the executeOperation hotkey to start the paste operation
  • And here is how to use the Rebuild mode:
    Litematica’s Rebuild mode for changing schematic blocks (= editing schematics) quick howto:

    - Change all identical blocks of one type to another type:

    1. Set a hotkey for schematicRebuildReplaceAll
    2. Change to Schematic Rebuild mode (Litematica menu bottom left)
    3. Hold that hotkey and right click on one of the blocks you want to replace, while holding the new block in your hand
    4. Change out of Schematic Rebuild mode

    - Change or remove or add individual blocks:

    1. Change to Schematic Rebuild mode (Litematica menu bottom left)
    2. To remove blocks, just punch them out like in creative mode
    3. To add blocks, just place them against other existing schematic blocks
    4. To change individual blocks or blocks in continuous lines, set a hotkey for schematicRebuildReplaceDirection, and then again hold that key while right clicking on the old block with the new block

    - Remove all blocks of one type:

    1. Change to Schematic Rebuild mode (Litematica menu bottom left)
    2. Set a hotkey for schematicRebuildBreakPlaceAll
    3. Hold that hotkey while punching out one of the blocks you want to remove all of.
    4. If you want to fill all air spaces in the schematic with a block, then place that new block against an existing schematic block while holding that hotkey.
    5. Similarly if you want to break or place blocks in continuous lines (through a single continuous line of identical blocks), then use the schematicRebuildBreakPlaceDirection hotkey while punching or placing the block.

    - Tips:

    • You can use the Render Layers to limit the range in which the blocks get removed/replaced.
    • The block state that is used when right clicking is the state that would be normally placed to the position where you click. So for example top/bottom slabs happen like they would be placed in vanilla.
    • You can also “store” block states from the world, by default by left Alt + middle clicking, and then you can do the Rebuild operation with an empty main hand to use that “stored” state. This allows using things like open trap doors or water logged blocks etc. (basically anything) that you can’t do when just directly “placing” a block.
    • If you want to keep the changes, save the schematic again from the Loaded Schematics list.
    • Don’t override the original file when saving, as there is a bug currently in the block handling that can corrupt the rebuilt schematic in certain cases when it’s reloaded from file (depends on the number of unique block states before and after the Rebuild operation).


  • H+C