• Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion & Conclusion
  1. 题名
  2. 论文作者
  3. 关键词
  4. 摘要
    1. 背景、方法、结果、结论。
    2. 信息型 (向读者提供具体知识或者信息)
    3. 描述型 (告知读者做了什么事)
    4. 摘要通常是在论文完成后撰写。
  5. 引言
  6. 正文
  7. 结论
  8. 参考文献


Section 1 (Usually the first paragraph):

  • Research background and the focus of the research under this background (hotspot or key point) (The determination of this hotspot is used to limit the scope of the research status (i.e., Section 2))

Section 2 (Usually composed of multiple paragraphs):

  • Elaborate on the existing cognitive system for this focus (hotspot), which is the research status in the literature review. You can use the development method, focus method, or error correction method to elaborate. The main effort of this part is the degree of perfection of your knowledge tree in this field.

Section 3:

  • It is a detailed explanation of the scientific question, finding out the mechanism of the problem, often a paragraph, or it can be a separate section. Summarize the scientific problem expressed as “There is such a deficiency in the research of AAA”.

Section 4:

  • State the purpose and organization of this article.