• finish step out of the function
  • disas disassemble (default is current function)
  • where / frame print the stack frame
  • si step in instruction level
  • watch: Triggers when the variable’s value is changed (written to).
  • rwatch: Triggers when the variable’s value is read.
  • awatch: Triggers on both read and write access to the variable.


  • b *0x400f30 set breakpoint at memory
  • Conditional breakpoints:
    • break [location] if [condition]

Format Letters

  • Examine memory: x/FMT ADDRESS.
    • Format letters are o(octal), x(hex), d(decimal), u(unsigned decimal), t(binary), f(float), a(address), i(instruction), c(char), s(string)


  • <C-x-a>: TUI mode
  • <C-x-2>: multiple windows


  • layout asm
  • tui reg float