1. Wiremill: Make wire
  2. Mental Bender: Make plate (need programming circuit)
  3. Lathe: Make rod
  4. Screw driver: Allow input from output side.

Applied Energistics

  • Energy Accepter: RF power to AE power (2:1)
  • Quartz Fiber: Transport energy but not data
  • Crystal Growth Chamber: Do not show in JEI but
  • ME interface: Item conduit to ME network

Deep Mob Evolution

  • Electrical Steel Ingot: Steel + Silicon Dust

Building Gadget

  • G: Gui
  • RightClick and Shift+RightClick: Select


  • Item Circuit
  • Circuit Probe


  • Drawer controller: Must be touching the drawer
    • Connect to ME Storage Bus to expose drawer to ME network (Laggy)
    • Controller slaves: Another AP
  • Compacting Drawer:
    • The GUI can be opened by sneaking + right clicking with an empty hand.
    • Top: Double-compressed item
    • Lower-left: Compressed item
    • Lower-right: Base item


  • Claim chunks to always load with FTB.


  • Coal: Macerator ->
  • Brown Limonite (FeHO2) -> Macerator -> Furnance