Data Manipulation

  • mov
    • From memory to register, vice versa; Immediate to register or memory, register to register.
    • Move to register in 64bits, need movq
  • add
  • lea
    • leaq S, D : Move &S to D



See also Condition Code

  • cmp
    • cmpq S1, S2
    • Based on S2 - S1, so jg means S2 > S1
  • test
    • The test instructions behave in the same manner as the and instructions, except that they set the condition codes without altering their destinations.
  • set
    • Used to access condition code
  • jmp
    • It can be either a direct jump, where the jump target is encoded as part of the instruction, or an indirect jump, where the jump target is read from a register or a memory location.
      • jmp *%rax : direct
      • jmp *(%rax) : indirect
    • Use PC relative???? Addressing mode - Wikipedia
      • they encode the difference between the address of the target instruction and the address of the instruction immediately following the jump.

Conditional Branches